30 Year Old Apology

When grade school started we hit it off.

We played GI Joe and idolized the Hoff.

Making nunchucks, throwing Chinese stars,

Our adventures had the coolest scars.

We were ninjas, me, you, and Shawn too.

Careful planning capers, had the same dreams too.

We stayed up late drinking Shasta,

Or playing “sho-nuff masta”.

Fight over who got be Bruce Leeroy,

Robert Taylor you were always my boy.

Your dad was always away, secret mission.

I never pried too much, wasn’t fishin’.

Remember when little sis thought she’d be a boy when she got old.

Didn’t believe the truth that we told.

Another memory that still lingers around,

Bullies on the Hawthorne playground.

They called you a name I never heard,

Your face change after just one word.

We ran around the campus to get away in fear.

Told Mr. S he said “Did it sound like Niger?”

In the 8th grade I blew up like a bomb.

I’ll never forget the day you insulted my mom,

Called her a whore,

We pounded each other,

Locker room floor.

You made me so mad I could spit,

I said your skin was Brown,

because you were full of shit.

Coach broke us up,

You fled the scene,

How could blood brothers turn so mean?

I sat in the office,

Cracking every knuckle, tense.

I haven’t lost my temper like that since.

Were you pushed by others,

What did they say?

Did you tell them we were best friends,

since grade K?

I hope you have fond memories of our childhood,

In our Everett hood, please forgive me if you could.

My life wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have you as my kin.

I always recognized your friendship before I noticed your skin.

I remember being told we were different, why is this taught?

Your face when I crossed that line I never forgot.

We can make this world a better place, I know that we can.

But how the fuck did you become a republican?

Thanks to Miss Take

Can I tell you about my favorite teacher?More than mom and dad or any preacher.
Now ladies, this ain’t misogyny.
Known the educator since I was 3.
Her guidance has been heaven sent.
Rest assured, no “Accident”.
You have your diploma? that’s cute.
But for me there is no substitute.
Painfully honest, but never fake,
The lessons I’ve learned from Ms Take.
It’s true she sounds like a deceiver,
I’ll attempt to make you a believer.
For every session she’s taught me,
Helped consecrate my empathy.


Stumbling out of fancy bars.
Mis-trusting friends or crashing cars,
Not saying “No”. Failing a class.
Rushing just to bust my ass.
Neglecting my love, or telling lies,
Hiding my feelings, smile disguise.
Waking in a stranger’s bed,
Not thinking I was wrong for what I said.
Starting and then dropping out,
Because, I knew what life was all about!
Seeing a mirror thinking “I’m all that.”
Eating too much sugar, salt and fat.
No condolences when wife was a Rick. Wreck.
No “Alt-F7” to run spell check,
I’ve burnt myself, and others too.
Even tried my foot in the other shoe.
She is such a disastrous flirt.
Each lesson smarts. They really hurt.
My tutor always seems to be bent,
On spending my last single cent.
I think this is the final, just a mid term,
To retest things I should have learned.
The biggest part of my frustration,
When Miss Take fucks me, is it masturbation?
I am still alive, here I stand.
What’s the next lesson she’s planned.
If you listened, I hope you agree,
By now I have earned my degree.
After all the things that Miss Take took,
I’ve kept my positive outlook.
Now I am older, wiser, grey-er,
I never claimed to be a player.
But to the top is where I still aim.
Got the best instructor of life’s game.
Without her where would I be now?
Maybe less wrinkled above my brow?
Tears and scars prove that I’m livin’.
But, can I ever be forgiven?


Cars or as I’d like to call them…
People pods.

Perfectly polished, pedal pushing, performance people pods.

Pearly Pink Porsche, purple Peugeot’s, periwinkle Plymouths, plus plaid patterned painted people pods.

Petroleum propelled, pollution producing, parallel parked people pods.

Parliament puffing pimps, player pose. Potential profile pic?

People pod paradox.

People pursue pay. Professors, paper pushers, parcel/postal/pizza pie porting, people potentially purchase pretentious, pricey people pods. Persuasive people pod peddlers procure payments. People pod prohibition,potentially penniless path.

Pabst pint, Pabst pint, Pabst pint… Pickled pub patron produces pickup pile-up, paramedics purge partially paralyzed patient. Potential persistent prescription practice. Pill poppin’.

Personally prefer piloting people pods, paved paradise, passing perspiring pedestrians. Poised, perfect perpendicular posture, plateaued posterior, pumping poetic pop pieces. Pushy passengers proclaim path proficiency. Please.

Police pods pass plainly poisonous planned Parenthood protesters pestering pregnant patrons. Protecting people? Pssshhh. Primarily pale, pampered peace promising politicians produce personal profit producing policies. Politics.

Police pods patrol projects, pursuing potential problems, “predominantly” poor perpetrators. Policeman point privileged pistol. Pow! Paid probation. Prior provocations. Professional players peaceful protest prompts President “Pussy pincher’s” pompous press proclamations. Patriotism?

People pods, people problems. Potentially pushing people pro parting planet permanently. Pine people pods. Praying, praying, praying. Perhaps paradise, parts people’s prejudice, parts people presumptions, parts people’s pride, plus parts people’s prized properties properly.

People Pods.


Old dog, new tricks


My name is Clinton Eric DeCamp.  After a long hiatus from writing, the pen has called me back.  I’ve been introduced to the world of open mic poetry nights, and slam poetry competition.  So now I’m hooked.  It’s an interesting time in history right now, a great time to write now.  There is a real movement happening and I wanted to create a space where the work could be enjoyed.  I’ll commit to putting up a new piece once a week.  And maybe even stories about being a father, gamer, retail manager and poet.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy your stay.