Thanks to Miss Take

Can I tell you about my favorite teacher?More than mom and dad or any preacher. Now ladies, this ain’t misogyny. Known the educator since I was 3. Her guidance has been heaven sent. Rest assured, no “Accident”. You have your diploma? that’s cute. But for me there is no substitute. Painfully honest, but never fake,Continue reading “Thanks to Miss Take”


Cars or as I’d like to call them… People pods. Perfectly polished, pedal pushing, performance people pods. Pearly Pink Porsche, purple Peugeot’s, periwinkle Plymouths, plus plaid patterned painted people pods. Petroleum propelled, pollution producing, parallel parked people pods. Parliament puffing pimps, player pose. Potential profile pic? People pod paradox. People pursue pay. Professors, paper pushers,Continue reading “Cars”