My Hobby

My Hobby

I make money from my hobby,

Been a gamer since before Atari,

Bored of games? I’m not Sorry,

For my love of this category.

Each day I wake with such Joy,

To play and sell games and toys

From grandmothers to little boys.

Ask me if I love it? Yeah! Doy.

Much larger than just pop culture,

Business has changed for sure,

And technology is such a blur,

Where be your next adventure?

Pixel pals of retro Land,

Killing zombies in the sand,

Music games with the band,

Or a VR interactive hand?

Games always test cognizant,

Puzzle blocks, what seeds to plant?

Now stories that offer a social rant.

My hobby is not insignificant.

Each day I see lost souls no clue,

That behind your name tag you’re one too,

Mention a game, and they connect with you.

Such enthusiasm that you would rue,

The day you met us on our turf.

The internet is not just to surf,

Each joystick junkie egosurf,

From battlefields to AstroTurf.

Do you play MMORPGs?

FPS or sailing seas?

A doctor curing disease?

Arcade hits from the 90’s?

Give your thumbs and brain a test.

Read bad press? Give it a rest.

A healthy time I invest.

Gaming with friends is the best.

I now share hobby with my seed.

We avoid the games where villains bleed.

The story parts she can now read,

This playground gives us equal speed.

I wonder ‘bout games when she’s grown

Through holograms will they be shown?

My old brain will sure be blown.

That’s why my hobby takes the throne.

-Clint DeCamp

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Poet, father. Trying to create meaningful work and leave the world a better place.

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