I Smile

I smile

I smile for the world lost touch

When life is just a bit too much

I smile through my chest pains

With glass and acid in veins

I smile when I’m lonely

Holding a happy memory

I smile

I smile at crowded places

Love a kaleidoscope of faces

I smile when they look sad

Not up to me judge good or bad

I smile so they don’t feel alone

We know pain makes a heart moan

I smile

I smile at all whether friend or foe

Because I see and want you to know

I smile to lift your day no strings

While your heart sobs mine sings

I smile to get you through pain

It isn’t something I just fain

I smile

I smile to make days brighter

The levity alway much lighter

I smile under heavy rule

I’m why the king kept a fool

I smile at all my greatest fears

And alone I smile even with tears

I smile

-Clint DeCamp

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Published by capnclint

Poet, father. Trying to create meaningful work and leave the world a better place.

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