Cars or as I’d like to call them…
People pods.

Perfectly polished, pedal pushing, performance people pods.

Pearly Pink Porsche, purple Peugeot’s, periwinkle Plymouths, plus plaid patterned painted people pods.

Petroleum propelled, pollution producing, parallel parked people pods.

Parliament puffing pimps, player pose. Potential profile pic?

People pod paradox.

People pursue pay. Professors, paper pushers, parcel/postal/pizza pie porting, people potentially purchase pretentious, pricey people pods. Persuasive people pod peddlers procure payments. People pod prohibition,potentially penniless path.

Pabst pint, Pabst pint, Pabst pint… Pickled pub patron produces pickup pile-up, paramedics purge partially paralyzed patient. Potential persistent prescription practice. Pill poppin’.

Personally prefer piloting people pods, paved paradise, passing perspiring pedestrians. Poised, perfect perpendicular posture, plateaued posterior, pumping poetic pop pieces. Pushy passengers proclaim path proficiency. Please.

Police pods pass plainly poisonous planned Parenthood protesters pestering pregnant patrons. Protecting people? Pssshhh. Primarily pale, pampered peace promising politicians produce personal profit producing policies. Politics.

Police pods patrol projects, pursuing potential problems, “predominantly” poor perpetrators. Policeman point privileged pistol. Pow! Paid probation. Prior provocations. Professional players peaceful protest prompts President “Pussy pincher’s” pompous press proclamations. Patriotism?

People pods, people problems. Potentially pushing people pro parting planet permanently. Pine people pods. Praying, praying, praying. Perhaps paradise, parts people’s prejudice, parts people presumptions, parts people’s pride, plus parts people’s prized properties properly.

People Pods.


Published by capnclint

Poet, father. Trying to create meaningful work and leave the world a better place.

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